This module provides the get_dc_guess() method, used to compute a starting point to initialize a Newton-Rhapson solver.

Module reference

get_dc_guess(circ, verbose=3)[source]

Build a DC guess from circuit inspection.

Notice that OP analysis will call this method on the users’ behalf if not instructed not to do so.

A element can suggest its guess through the elem.dc_guess field. If the field is not set, or not available, no information on the most likely biasing voltage is assumed.


circ : Circuit instance
The circuit instance the guess is being computed for.
verbose : int, optional
The verbosity level (from 0 silent to 6 debug). Defaults to 3, medium verbosity.


dcg : ndarray or None
The DC guess, in numpy array form, or None, if it was not possible to compute a meaningful guess.